TRS General Information





TRS states that a Texas school district employee is not permitted to advise a district employee of their rights regarding their retirement funds or specific deposit information. The following is general information; for more specific/individual information please contact the Teacher Retirement System of Texas. Their telephone number is 1-800-223-8778. Additional information can also be located on their website:

A full-time employee of Sharyland ISD is required to participate in the Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS). An amount of 6.4% of the paid salary is deposited to the employee's account through payroll deduction every month an employee receives a payroll check. This amount is considered the member's deposit. An additional deduction of .65% is transferred to TRS for contribution to the TRS-care fund. This is a pooled account and not part of the individual employee's retirement account. These amounts are shown as deductions on the pay stub.

The district also contributes .55% of paid salary for every TRS member in the district. The money is also applied to the TRS-care fund. This amount is shown as a benefit on the pay stub.

Any new employee that is not a current member of TRS will become a member as soon as the district reports the first payroll deposit. SISD will pay an amount of 6% during the first 90 days of a member's employment. This percentage is equal to the state contribution. The member will contribute the standard 6.4% and .65% without any waiting period.

New members will receive a packet from TRS. Complete the information and return it to TRS as soon as possible. Your TRS file will not be complete until they receive the forms in that packet. Please notify the payroll office if you have a change of name, address or wish to make a beneficiary change. We will forward these changes to TRS.