Instructional Resources

Parents of students served through Special Education, here are some available free online resources that can be utilized by the students during Covid-19 school closures. Please encourage your children to engage in these activities on a regular basis. Please check back for updated information.

Social Stories

What is Covid-19?

Visual Schedules

Hand Washing
School Closure
Sick communication board
COVID-19 Chat Board
COVID-19 Chat Board Part 2
Our Home School Schedule
What Hurts Self-Identification Tool
Hand Washing Visual

General Learning Sites

Brain POP

Learning Games

K-5 Learning Games


Storyline Online
Scholastic Magazine Books and Articles


Prodigy Math
Cool Math
Cool Math 4 Kids


Sci Show Youtube
National Geographic


Youtube Art for Kids

Non-Screen Activities

Computer Science without a Computer
31 Day LEGO Challenge
12 Youtube channels to get your kids moving indoors