How-To Videos

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 Smart Board Calibration Tutorial 
A video that demonstrates the proper steps to take
when calibrating a Smart Board.

 Skyward Gradebook Update Overview
An overview of the new Skyward Gradebook 2.0
interface available with the 2013 June Release.  

 Gradebook Roster of Spc Programs Rpt.
How to build the new Roster of Special Programs
report from the Skyward Teacher Gradebook. 

 Skyward Widgets
An overview of how to create and manage widgets
on the new Skyward Home Screen.

ConnectED - Create Student Accts
A detailed video, showing all steps necessary to
create and upload students accounts in the
ConnectED interface for the Elementary Reading
Adoption materials.

Creating Mail Merge Documents
A guide to creating mailing labels using the Mail
Merge features in Microsoft Word.

Avatar Unsupported Browser Fix
A brief video, showing users how to setup Internet
Explorer to avoid the Avatar "Unsupported Browser"

Outlook Web Migration Guide
A guide for users migrating from Outlook Web
2003 to Outlook Web 2010.

Importing Skyward Data to CPS
Step-by-step instructions on exporting data from
Skyward gradebook, formatting the exported data,
and importing the data into CPS.

Avatar New Users Guide
A video overview of Avatar to accompany
how-to guide.

Using a Presentation Mouse
An overview of the controls and usage of
the Keyspan PR-PRO3 Presentation Mouse.
Includes a section on troubleshooting
common problems.

Outlook Calendar - Client
An overview of how to use
the Outlook Calendar for setting up
and editing meetings.

Change Windows Password How-to change your password
Outlook Web Access - Calendar Web Access calendar overview
Outlook Web Access - Contacts Web Access contacts overview
Outlook Web Access - E-Mail Web Access e-mail overview
Outlook Web Access - Interface
An introduction to the Web Access
interface...covers all of the button

Verify E-Mail Address - Client
How Outlook ClientUsers can verify their
e-mail address

Verify E-Mail Address - Web
How Outlook Web Mail Users can verify
their e-mail address (Teachers)

Allow PopUps in IE
Instructions on how to allow popups from
a site in Internet Explorer

Allow PopUps from Google Toolbar
Instructions on how to allow popups from
a site using Google Toolbar

Skyward - Cumulative Grading
Setting up cumulative semester and final
grades in Skyward Gradebook for summer

Shimotsu - Grade Template
Custom video for Shimotsu Elementary for
creating the combined report card
spreadsheet document using Skyward
Excel export files.

Connecting Elmo Document Camera
Video showing the steps involved in connecting an Elmo Document camera

Re-connect Interwrite Pad
Step-By-Step instructions for using the
Device Manager to disconnect and
reconnect a malfunctioning Interwrite Pad

Using Your Elmo TT02-RX
A brief overview of the setup and use of the Elmo
TT02-RX document camera.

Changing Presentation Mouse Channel
A video to demonstrate how to change the channel on
a Keyspan PR-PRO3 Presentation Mouse.