Region 1 Video Conference Request

  • When signing up for a distance learning session you must submit two forms. One will be from the provider and the other from Region One.
  • Equipment is available in the library for such events.
  • Please get with the campus librarian for details on this process.
How to Register for Region One Video Conference
Below are examples of the region one form. The form changes into a long form if you don't have the event number.
Guide - Click here for an example of a request process WITH an event number.
An event number is usually 5 digits long, and may be in any documentation provided to you from the presenter.
Guide - Click here for an example of a request process WITHOUT an event number.
If you were not provided with an event number use the long form to complete your registration. The long form 
 requires extra information that should be provided to you in any documentation from the presenter.

Click here for Region One ESC Distance Learning Opportunities Information

Region One Registration Link

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