The Sharyland ISD Transportation Department takes great pride in the safety of transporting SISD’s students. In order for the department to continue providing the type of service our district has become accustomed to our drivers always keep in mind that they are a very important person in the lives of each student that rides their bus. Our drivers realize that it is very important that they maintain a positive attitude and appearance while performing their job as well as having a healthy self-image for other personnel, pupil, parents and community.


The school bus, as it travels up and down the street or road, is sometimes the only contact some citizens in the community have with the local school district. What they see reflects on Sharyland ISD. That is why our drivers take pride in always maintaining their buses extremely clean. Our drivers also understand that as they accept this enormous responsibility of transporting such a valuable cargo, they are to perform their duties promptly, safely and with courtesy. Besides the legal requirements they must meet from the state, district and department, there are certain personal characteristics they must possess. Friendly, emotional stability, dependability, punctuality, honesty, fairness, respect for self and others, and good personal appearance are some of these characteristics.



Enrique Mata Jr.
Transportation Director
1243 E. Highway 83
Mission, Texas 78572

Public Transportation Safety Institute: PSA

PTSI has a professionally produced public service announcement. The spot emphasizes the life and death necessity for traffic to stop for school bus stop signs. Pat Bailey, Transportation Director for the Syracuse City Schools, delivers an impassioned plea to viewers to not illegally pass a stopped school bus, quite possibly killing a child, just to save a few moments time.