Maintenance & Operations

We pride ourselves on being a maintenance department that offers products and services which enhances the process for our students.

The department is divided into two divisions, General Maintenance and Operations. Each division has its own responsibilities, as well as providing support for each other’s efforts. I am confident that the supervisors and craftsmen of these departments can handle any situation, be it the everyday routine or any major catastrophe the district could be faced with.

General Statement: "The goal of the Maintenance Department is to provide a safe and comfortable environment that is conducive to teaching and learning. We strive to keep all Sharyland Independent School District buildings in the best condition possible in the most cost effective way."


Interesting Facts:
  • The Maintenance Department maintains 1,116,370 square feet of buildings (45 total facilities) inside and outside, including plumbing, electrical, HVAC, carpentry, metal work, fire alarm systems and locks. Work in each of these areas is accomplished by highly trained craft personnel.

  • The Maintenance Department completes an average of over 400 work orders per month, which may involve everything from a small repair of an electrical plug to moving walls or installing computer labs.

  • A work order may require three or four different maintenance crafts to complete and may involve from 15 minutes to several weeks of labor.

  • In addition, the Maintenance Department performs renovations, such as moving walls, constructing cabinets, redesigning offices, etc.

Mark Dougherty 
Executive Director of Maintenance
1243 E. Highway 83
Mission, Texas 78572
956-580-5246 Fax 956-580-5239