The Language ProficiencyAssessment Committee (LPAC) is responsible for reviewing all informationrelated to all students identified as English Language Learners (ELLs)upon enrollment and at the end of every school year.  Committee membersare the advocates for ELLs in every aspect of the instructional program.
Throughout the year, LPACs convene for different purposes.
  • Beginning of Year - Entry, Identification, and Placement
  • Middle of Year - Assessment Decision-Making
  • End of Year - Annual Review
  • Monitoring - reviewing progress of students who have been exited from the Bilingual/ESL program during the past 2 years (M1 & M2) and Denials
    • LPAC Monitoring Form (in Project ELL) - Use this form to document monitoring of M1s, M2s, and Non-participating ELs
      • Each grading period a Non-participating EL is unsuccessful, reach out to the parents to offer program support
      • Each grading period an M1/2 is unsuccessful, meet with teacher and document interventions
    • LPAC Monitoring Minutes with notes - LPAC Notes are now housed in the student's electronic file on Project ELL

  • Collaboration Meeting Form - ARD & LPAC members meet to discuss instructional needs of students who have been identified to be in need of special education services early in the school year.  Follow the instructions included in the LPAC Framework Manual for the Process for Considering Exit Criteria for Special Education students. (PowerPoint Presentation)
    • 2018-2019 Special Exit Criteria Form for Bilingual - form to be completed in Project ELL
    • 2018-2019 Special Exit Criteria Form for ESL - form to be completed in Project ELL
  • LPAC Report Dates 2018-2019 - your minutes are now available through Project ELL
  • LPAC Notes - LPAC Notes are now part of the student's electronic folder in Project ELL
  • LAS Links Online Library - This is a collection of weblinks to various videos and informational documents that will serve as a resource for staff responsible for LAS testing.  (I will keep this link temporarily until the transition is complete, then I will take this off.)
  • LAS Links Online Digital Library BMT - This is the updated system we are using for online testing. (posted 4/25/2017)
  • LAS Links Online Assessment System (Setup) - The OAS Test Administration System (TAS)  Use Internet Explorer browser.
Eachpage will include relevant federal, state, regional, and localdocuments/forms and PowerPoint presentations for your convenience.
General LPAC Documents:

Ordering Material for Language Proficiency Assessments:

  • Pre-LAS - For Pre-Kinder and Kinder
    • English, Form C/D
      • Form C - Beginning of year/enrollment
      • Form D - End of Year
    • Español, Form C - Same for Beginning of year and end of year
  • LAS - for grades 1 through 12 - this is only for hard copies of materials.  Ms. Gonzalez will continue to order LAS Links Online Testing at the district level.
    • English Form C/D  
      • Form C - Beginning of year/enrollment
      • Form D - End of year
  • TerraNova, Complete Battery, Third Edition - for grades 2 through 12
    • For students who scored a 4 or 5 on their LAS test
  • TEA List of Approved Assessments 2018-2019 - this list is updated annually by TEA.  NOTE:  During this school year, do not order too many materials of PreLAS/LAS Links or TerraNova until we know what test will be selected for the 2019-2020 school year.

State website for LPAC - Region 20

Student Record Organization Document 2017- This is a list of all the documents that are required to be kept instudent's permanent record.  Documents should be filed in this order to facilitate location of documents as needed.