Elementary Bilingual Program Design

Bilingual/ESL Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Bilingual/ESL Program of Sharyland ISD is to provide multiple opportunities for all students to become competent in listening, speaking, reading, writing and comprehending the English language through the development of literacy and academic skills in order for them to master the state curriculum, the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and participate equitably in school.

Elementary Program (PK-6th)


Transitional Bilingual Early Exit Model (PK-6th)

Sharyland ISD implements the state mandated Bilingual Program through the Transitional Bilingual Early Exit Model as per Texas Education Code (TEC) §89.1210.  This transitional model is a full-time program that provides instruction in both Spanish and English commensurate with the students’ linguistic proficiency and academic potential [TEC §89.1210(b)].  Students learn their TEKS in their first language, then transfer that knowledge to English.  The goal of the Transitional Bilingual Early Exit model is to completely transition ELLs’ instruction into English within 5 years of their participation in the program.  Instruction is tailored to the student’s needs by Bilingual Certified teachers who monitor the linguistic and academic progress of each student.  Instruction is designed to address the affective, linguistic and cognitive needs of ELLs.

In life, we want students to maintain their native language because being bilingual opens many opportunities for learning and working, and helps students make connections with more people and community resources.


Content-Based ESL Model
(Native Speakers of a language other than English or Spanish, PK-6th) 
Sharyland ISD implements the state mandated English as a Second Language Program through the Content-Based ESL Model as per TEC §89.1210.  This model provides supplementary instruction for all content areas by integrating ESL instruction with subject matter instruction that focuses on learning a second language using English as a medium to learn math, science, social studies, and other academic subjects.  Teachers use sheltered instruction in the form of visuals, modified texts, and modified assignments to facilitate comprehension.  Teachers are ESL Certified and/or have received professional development in Sheltered Instruction.