General Clinic Information

As part of the SHARYLAND ISD school district team, the nurse’s office, often referred to as the “clinic”, is here to assist your child when he/she is ill or injured. Other important aspects of our clinic are administering medication and verifying that all students in the district are current on their immunizations. In addition, we screen certain grades for vision, hearing, and scoliosis problems. Listed below is some helpful information on topics such as nurse/clinic visits, Physical Education excuses, emergencies, going home and contagious conditions. We are looking forward to a great year.

NURSE / CLINIC VISITS: A student must obtain a PASS from his teacher to visit the nurse during the day. He/She must always check in with his teacher, before going to the nurse, even between classes.

IMMUNIZATIONS: The State of Texas mandates that all students be current on their immunizations. Verifying that student immunizations are current is one way we protect the health of your child. ALL IMMUNIZATIONS MUST BE CURRENT BEFORE STARTING SCHOOL. Any time your child gets an immunization, bring the shot record to school so we can update your child’s health record. If an immunization is due during the school year, we will send you a notice. For the safety of all students, your child may not return to school if he is delinquent on his/her immunizations.

CONTAGIOUS CONDITIONS: To protect other children from getting sick, we will send your child home for the following reasons:

  • Fever of 100 F or greater

  • Continued vomiting/diarrhea

  • Suspected contagious condition or certain rashes 

  • Your child may also be sent home due to:

  • Delinquent immunizations

  • Taking medication that, in the nurse’s opinion, would not make it safe for the student to remain in school

P.E. EXCUSES: A Physical Education excuse from a parent or nurse is valid for only 2 days. If more days are needed, a doctor's excuse needs to be brought to the nurse or coach.


In case of serious illness or accident, we will try to contact you (or the person you designate) by phone so you can pick up your child. If the emergency is life threatening, an ambulance will be called (the District does not pay for this). It is very important that we have a “Student Emergency Record” with current phone numbers in the campus nurse’s office so we can reach you in an emergency! Please include cell phone numbers.


GOING HOME:  If the student is not healthy enough to drive, the parent will be encouraged to make other arrangements to pick up the student.If the student’s medical problem is more serious, such as fever of 101, the nurse may call the other two people listed on the student’s emergency card. If the student is driving home, the parent must be contacted. The student who wishes to go home due to a medical reason must call from the nurse’s office/clinic (not from the teacher’s classroom or any other phone). Every effort will be made to contact the parent when a student wishes to go home due to a medical reason. However, if we are not able to contact the parent and the problem is not one of a serious nature, the student can rest in the clinic or return to the classroom.


SCREENINGS: During the school year, certain students will be checked for health problems with height, weight, vision, hearing, scoliosis (spine), and Acanthosis Nigricans. A referral notice will be sent home if any problems are found. Take this notice to your health care provider, and then bring it back to us so we can continue to help with your child’s health.


SPECIAL SITUATIONS: If your child needs special medical treatments, crutches, had recent surgery, etc, come to the Clinic for more information. The student may need a special pass for that day.


Medications that your child needs during the school year can usually be given at home. Most medications are prescribed one, two, or three times a day. These can be given before school, after school, and/or at bedtime. Sometimes medication must be given during the school day and we will gladly administer the medication.

Here are a few medication guidelines to follow:

  1. Students may not have ANY medications with them during school hours unless they have written permission from our health staff. All medications will be kept locked up in the Nurse's Office/Clinic and given out only by our health staff or other designated personnel. Students who carry an inhaler or epinephrine auto-injector must bring the nurse a doctor's note giving permission to do so.

  2. To give medications at school, we must have a signed form available at the nurse`s office/clinic dated by the student’s parent or legal guardian.

    Prescription medications must be in the original container with the pharmacy label. We are not allowed to give medications with one student’s name to any other student, even a brother or sister.

  3. Nonprescription (over-the-counter) medications must be brought to school in the original containers(or blister packs) labeled with student’s name.  Please try to provide only small quantity containers to the clinic.

  4. The following will not be given at school:

    • No sample medications, (unless your health care provider sends written instructions)

    • No herbal products or dietary supplements

    • No naturopathic products

    • No medications from another country (including Mexico)

  5. We encourage you to contact the nurse if your child is taking medication with side effects that affect him in the classroom.

Medicinas necesitadas por su nino/a durante el ano escolar usualmente se pueden dar en las casa. La mayoria de medicinas se recetan una, dos, o tres veces por dia, y es mas facil darselas antes de escuala, y/o en la noche. De vez en cuando, tiene que dar una medicina durante el dia escolar y con gusto lo assistaremos.
Estas son algunas reglas que aconsejemos seguir:

  1. Estudiantes no pueded tener NINGUNA medicina con ellos durante horas de escuela no mas si tienen una nota de nuestro personal de salud. Todas las medicinas estaran aseguradas en la Clinica de la escuela y se daran por el personal de salud o personal designado.

  2. Para dar medicinas en la escuela, debemos tener una forma de la clinica firmada por los padres / guadian.  

    Medicinas recetadas deben estar en su envaso original con etiqueta de la farmacia. No se permite dar medicinas con etiqueta de un estudiante a otro, aunque un hermano o hermana.

  3. Medicinas sin receta que mandan a la escuela deben estar en envases originales, identificados con el nombre del estudiante.

  4. Lo siguente no se daran en las escuela:

    • No muestras, solo si estan acompanadas con instrucciones escritas del proveedor de salud

    • No productos herbarios o suplementos de dieta

    • No productos de naturopathica

    • No medicinas de otro pais (incluyendo Mexico)

  5. Nosotros aconsejamos que hable a la enfermera si su hijo/a esta bajo algun medicamento que pueda causar algun effecto secundario que le affecte en la casa.