Operations Department

  • General Maintenance Grounds & Athletic Field Care

  • Custodial Staff Small Engine Repair

  • Relocation Services Custodial Equipment Repair

  • Masonry Repair

Goal: The goal of the Operations Department is to maintain district buildings in a clean, orderly and sanitary condition and to provide a healthy environment in which learning can occur. Our goal is also to provide a safe, well maintained outside environment including physical education and sports activities. Since a large part of our client base never enters our buildings, it is also important that our grounds reflect the same quality care and attention as our buildings.

General Statement: The Operations Department plays a very important role in the education of our students. The "image" the schools show to teachers, students, visitors and parents depends upon the work they do. Visitors will receive their entire impression of the schools from the standards of cleanliness and orderliness maintained by the custodial and maintenance staff.

It is also a well-known fact that the effectiveness of the educational program depends largely upon safe, cleanliness and orderly surroundings that allow students and teachers to concentrate upon their work. It is imperative that every member of the custodial and maintenance staff takes a professional attitude that will result in a high level of productiveness and efficiency.

  • The day to day task of providing a clean and safe learning environment is the responsibility of SISD custodians.

  • The Head Custodian reports to the Supervisor of Operations.

  • The Supervisor of Operations is responsible for day to day management and quality assurance.

  • Personnel issues are the responsibility of the Director of Maintenance & Transportation.