Pest Management Policy

Integrated Pest Management
Policy Draft

SISD recognized that structural pests and landscape pests or weeds can pose a significant problem to both humans and property. It is the policy of SISD to incorporate an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program to control structural and landscape pests and weeds. The district IPM Coordinator is responsible for insuring that the district IPM policy and plan is maintained and all SPCB (State Pest Control Board) regulations are followed.

The IPM program will ensure that the least toxic control measures will be used with emphasis given to baits and non-chemical control whenever possible.

Through standard purchasing procedures, the district will contract with a local contractor for structural and landscape pest control. The district will require the private contractor providing pest control services to follow all Structural Pest Control Board (SPCB) guidelines as they pertain to schools and to follow the SISD IPM policy and plan.

As required by SPCB, the contractor must post treatment notices at each site and complete monthly inspection forms. The forms are used to monitor the level and type of pests or to note area requiring repair to prevent pest entry or harborage.