Digital Citizenship

Cyber Safety

For most of us, online connections have transformed our daily lives, opening up a world of opportunities.  No matter who or where we are, when we’re online, WE ARE DIGITAL CITIZENS, part of one online community of learners and contributors.  And what we do can have a big influence on others and on our future.

Elementary Students

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Secondary Students

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Given both the unprecedented challenges and opportunities presented by the digital age, it is clear that digital citizenship education is not solely the responsibility of the school district or the sole responsibility of the parent, but it is instead a community responsibility.  

A community composed of parents, teachers, students and community members. It is important that we work together to not only make our children safer online, but smarter.

This site will provide many links to various websites and provide our community with a wealth of online resources designed to help all of us take up that challenge of not only making our children safe online, but make them smarter online.