ELPS are to TELPAS as TEKS are to STAAR.
ELPS and TEKS are for insruction.
ELPS are for instruction in the acquisition of English.
TEKS are for instruction in the acquisition of content.
TELPAS and STAAR are the assessment of ELPS and TEKS.

TELPAS Parent Brochures (English & Spanish):
Grades K & 1
Grades 2-12

Training PowerPoints (TEA):
We have included some PowerPoint presentations that have been made available to develop a greater understanding of the ELPS and TELPAS.

2019 TELPAS Assessment:

2019 TELPAS (shared 11/8/2019)
2019 TELPAS Manual for Raters and Test Administrators
2017 TELPAS Rater Manual (11/22/2016)
2017 TELPAS Reading Test Administrator Manual (11/22/2016)


Chapter 74.4 ELPS legal document - TEA webpage of the statute that requires implementation of the ELPS from Kinder through 12 grade as part of the Required Curriculum (foundation and enrichment).  It includes:
  • an introduction;
  • School district responsibilities;
  • Cross-curricular second language acquisition essential knowledge and skills for learning strategies, listening, speaking, reading, and writing; and
  • proficiency level descriptors (PLDs)