Professional Development

We are in the process of planning professional growth opportunities in variable formats in an attempt to meet time availability.  I will include information on this page as it becomes available.
  • Face-to-Face:  Traditional mode of presentation.  Presenter shares information with participants and plans activities that support the content of the session.
  • On-line:  the content is received strictly on-line.
  • On-line with facilitator:  participants meet at a central location with a facilitator.  Participants complete the online session(s); however, the facilitator provides a central location and time for meeting.  The facilitator is available to assist participants with questions.
  • Hybrid:  Participants complete the training in multiple sessions.  They view a portion of online material, then participate in face-to-face group discussions and possible activities.

  • Required for Fall 2017 & Spring 2018 Stipend Application:  Navigating the ELPS (to be completed by Oct. 31, 2017 for Fall Stipend disbursement)
  • Texas English Language Learner Instructional Tool (TELLIT) Math, Science, or Social Studies (and ELAR)
  • Adaptation of Text Powerpoint
  • FOCUSED on Second Language Acquisition PowerPoint
  • Targeted Second Language Acquisition PowerPoint
  • Models of Co-Teaching Presentation based upon a resource from TEA  
  • Journey Through the Process of Language Acquisition   PowerPoint
On-line PD:
Gateway Pass (Texas Gateway for Online Resources, Gateway Courses and Texas CTE Resource Center)


  • ELPS Academy (Overview) -  to gain an understanding of how the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) provide cross-curricular second language acquisition essential knowledge and skills for listening, speaking, reading, and writing. 
    • This is a prerequisite course to the ELPS in the Content areas courses
Links to mini-video clips related to Instruction for ELLs:
Building a Foundation for Educators of ELLs (Professional Development)
  • Year 1 - New Teachers (2017-2017):  ELPS Academy (Overview); ELPS; PLDs; CCRSs; WAC; CSR; Sheltered Instruction (2 or 3-Days)
  • Year 2 - Current Teachers (2015-16):  ELPS in your content area (Reading/ELA; Math; Science; Social Studies); "ELPS Instructional Tool"
  • Year 3 - Current Teachers (2014-2015 and before):  Texas English Language Learner Instructional Tool (TELLIT) Math, Science or Social Studies/ELAR