How to get started:

Download the Here Comes the Bus app (links below) or visit herecomesthebus.com


1. To create a Here Comes the Bus (HCTB) account on the website.
2. Click the "Log In" button.
3. Click the "Sign Up Today!" button.
4. Enter school code 74228 and click “Next” followed by “Confirm”.
5. Complete the “User Profile” box, check “I accept the Terms of Use Agreement” and click
6. Under “My Students,” click “Add.” Enter your child’s last name and student ID number (To find
your student's ID number please contact your student's school.)
If you receive the message ”Could Not Add Student”, re-enter the student info. If the student is still not
entered, please send a message to: [email protected]
7. Once you confirm your information, you’re ready to begin using Here Comes the Bus.


Creating a Here Comes the Bus Account on a Mobile Device: